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The Otto Cardy robot was a protagonist at Maker Faire Rome 2023

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Recent activities - 2018-2023
  • Certificate of Achievement Begin Robotics Course  University of Reading (UK), feb 2021
  • Certificate of Achievement PREPARE TO RUN A CODE CLUB Code Club UK, Raspberry Pi Foundation, May 2019
  • Development of teaching robots in Opensource made with Arduino and programmable with Scratch and mBlock
Pain and Hope in Ukraine (2023)
Interactive Kinetic Art

Are you interested in how the movement takes place and what is behind it? Link

Dancing Geometries and Leaves (2022)
Interactive Kinetic Art with proximity sensor 
Speed changes with distance, if the user is far away, they stop.
Components can change and move

A Drawing Robot Car
How to create a Drawing Car made with #LegoDuplo, #microbit and  
programmed with Microsoft #MakeCode.

Otto Cardy Micro Robot  is an entirely cardboard robot
using BBC micro:bit and Microsoft MakeCode editor

Robot Perfume Dispenser
Triceratops made with 3D printing

Otto DIY Koch Snowflake (fractal geometry
Kinetic Art of Leonardo's Machines
Tribute to Leonardo da Vinci's flight studies

Born in Valdagno (Vicenza), Italy, where he attended the Classical High School (Liceo Classico). He graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan and in 1984 he received a master's degree in Computer Graphics and participated with some computer graphics works at SIGGRAPH '86 (Las Vegas - USA), The Annual Conference of Computer Graphics and at IMAGINA (International Festival on Computer Graphics) in Monte Carlo (MC) in 1987 with a 3D modeling work in FORTRAN of the Villa Rotonda of Andrea Palladio. See my Artistic curriculum.

He was in charge of the Computer Graphics Department of the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan in 1984-87.
He has participated in European COMET Projects for CAD teaching with the use of multimedia tools for ISVOR FIAT experimentally using various multimedia integrated communication supports, such as video, videodisc, and later CD-Rom.

He was a lecturer in charge of Automatic Design first at the Faculty of Architecture and then at the Faculty of Design of the Milan Polytechnic and at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bergamo, where he taught CAD drawing courses. In 1988 he founded the company Lavori in Corso Srl in Milan, one of the first ATC (Autodesk Training Center) in Italy.
He edited the localization and development Italian version of ECDL CAD for AICA (Italian Operator) and in 2005 published the book "ECDL CAD Il manuale" published for Apogeo with the second edition in 2008 and the third Edition in Octobre 2011 . He has obtained the first Certification of ECDL CAD n.0001 from AICA

He has collaborated in drawing courses on CD-ROM for the subject of Technology and Design with some publishing houses, such as Giunti Scuola, Atlas, La Scuola Editrice, Il Capitello Editore, Reda Edizioni. He has created and manages this online course platform that has more than 7,800 users.

Reda Edizioni Publisher he created the Piattaforma eLearning per Tecnologie e Tecniche di Rappresentazione Grafica / eLearning Platform for Graphic Design Technologies and Techniques for Graphic Design Technologies and Techniques to support the three texts Designing in the project, Drawing to design and Technological Laboratories, for Agricultural and Surveyors Schools.

As hobby he create sculptures in Rapid Prototyping and
he writes aphorisms on IT
  • 1980: Degree in Architecture - Politecnico di Milano (100 cum laude)
  • 1981: Specialization in Technical Design for active and passive Solar Systems - Lombardy Region.
  • 1982: Specialization in Computer Graphics - Politecnico di Milano
  • 2007: participation in the European SLOOP project for the training of eLearning teachers and for the production of teaching materials.
  • 2010: Specialization course "Design and development of on-line courses and teaching resources based on the EUCIP standard", CNR ITD, Sloop2desc, Life Long Program EU. See certificate.
  • 2011: Online tutor in SLOOP2desc: Sharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective, cascade course for 450 teachers of Higher School, CNR organizer - Institute for Educational Technologies.
  • 2013: Trainer Teacher for the High School in the Web Generation Project Lombardia School Office for Lombardy, General Management.
  • 2014: Trainer Teachers in the Digital Lombardy School Project of the Ufficio Scolastico per la Lombardia.
  • 2016/17: Teacher trainer in the PNSD - National Digital School Plan in #15 Schools

Recent publications (Only recent years For all publications see My CV in PDF)

Other articles and previous publications:
  • C.Gasparini, Moodle come piattaforma per la condivisione della conoscenza, relazione ( see slides) at Conference "MoodleMoot 2006 Italia" , Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale, 6-7 Aprile 2006
  • C. Gasparini, Moodle come piattaforma per la condivisione della conoscenza in ( edited by ) G. Franceschinis e D. Porporato, Modelli e tecnologie della formazione in rete, 2007, Edizioni Mercurio, Vercelli, pp. 325-334, ISBN: 9788895522098
  • C. Gasparini, Pensare in 3D: metodologie didattiche per l'insegnamento del CAD, report "Instrumentos y métodos en la enseñanza de los sistemas CAD", Facultad de Arquitectura, Buenos Aires, RA, 1997
  • C. Gasparini, Disegnare col computer, Dal disegno tradizionale al CAD; chapter of the book: Bruno Munari, A. Pinotti, G. Tosetti, Disegno Design, Atlas, Bergamo, 1999

My artistic activity shy



Rejected from the Royal Academy of Arts - London (UK)
RA Summer Exhibition 2023 competition  

Dear Claudio Gasparini, 
Thank you for submitting digital images of PAIN AND HOPE IN UKRAINE.
The judges ... and we regret to inform you that it has not been selected ... blush
Saatchi Art logo  My Kinetic Arts Collection  on Saatchi Art Site

He collaborate with Artistic Movement Arte da mangiare-mangiare Arte at Fondazione Umanitariaof Milan (IT)

He published: If nothing can go wrong it will  / The New Collection of Marphy's Computer Laws, Gasparini Editore, 2005.

Some of my jokes are mentioned in "Anche le formiche nel loro piccolo s'incazzano" by Gino & Michele, Dalai Editore, 2004, Italian Humor Bestseller book

Among young mothers:
"Don't you think my son looks like everything to his father?
- Of course, but a little to your husband too.

Tra amiche:
- Non trovi che mio figlio assomigli tutto al padre?
- Certo, ma un poco anche a tuo marito.

We are as
in autumn
under the trees
the syringes

Si sta come
sotto gli alberi
le siringhe

[Ironic quote of poetry of Giuseppe Ungaretti
We are as
in autumn
under the trees

the leaves]
- To remedy the state deficit each of us should pay more than 40,000 euros each.
- And to heal the deficit of justice, how many years in prison should I do?

- Per sanare il deficit dello Stato ognuno di noi dovrebbe sborsare più di 40 mila Euro a testa.
- E per sanare il deficit della Giustizia, quanti anni di galera mi dovrei fare?
- Mirror of my desires, who is the most beautiful of the realm?
- In the monkey kingdom, surely you.

- Specchio delle mie brame, chi è il più bello del reame?
- Nel regno delle scimmie, tu sicuramente.
My other aphorisms:

  • I think the brain is the only part of the body that can not be augmented with silicone. Otherwise it would be Artificial Intelligence.
  • When I finish the bytes, I use the bits.
  • When the inspiration arrives, the computer will most likely be blocked.
Nuggets of wisdom
When they asked at Ivan Sutherland:
- But how did you do the first interactive graphics program, the first non-procedural programming language, the first object-oriented software system, and all in your undergraduate thesis and in a year? (1962)
Ivan Sutherland replied:
- Well, when I started I did not know it was difficult.

prof. Marco Somalvico, pioneers of artificial intelligence in Europe and one of my Masters, told me: "You need to Know, to Know how to do AND make Known what you Know"

Claudio: "Of course it's ugly to grow old!"
Paola, my daughter, bioengineer: "Lucky you, you were ugly as a child"